Meet Heather Orr

Heather Orr is the conductor of Townsville Brass Youth Band...

We are INCREDIBLY lucky at Townsville Brass to have not one but THREE amazing bands. To help make these bands amazing, we have two very hard-working Musical Directors (MDs).

Today we'd like to introduce you to Heather Orr, conductor of the Townsville Brass Youth Band and the powerhouse behind the new Townsville Brass Academy beginners program.

We interviewed Heather to get an idea of what an MD does and how she's so amazing!

*MD PROFILE Heather Orr, Townsville Brass Youth Band*


INSTRUMENT YOU PLAY WHEN NOT CONDUCTING: Baritone in Townsville Brass, Euphonium in Brolga Brass

WHAT OTHER BANDS/GROUPS HAVE YOU CONDUCTED AND PLAYED IN?: Conducted various ensembles at The Cathedral School and Townsville Youth Voices (community youth choir). I have participated in Les Voix (community female choir) and Townsville Youth Concert Band.

FAVOURITE THING ABOUT CONDUCTING YOUR BAND: Seeing a new piece of music come together! Seeing students from different schools come together and form new friendships while making great music together.

FAVOURITE PIECE OF MUSIC YOU CONDUCT: There are so many! Mack the Knife, Slaidburn, In the Mood, Smoke on the Water, Y.M.C.A. to name but a few!

HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR TIME WITH THE BAND?: So many!.... Every rehearsal is a highlight to my week and then of course the concerts we do throughout the year! Youth Band Day Camp 2019.

Thanks for letting us interview you Heather! Stay tuned for more MD and member profiles in the future!